Table Talk Tuesdays: Just Married? Is it a Fairytale or Harder Than You Expected?

Hey ladies! So today’s topic is marriage.  First of all lets unpack what marriage is. When we read about marriage in the bible we see that its a covenant between those who are married and God. If you don’t know, a covenant is an agreement so when you decide to get married you are saying okay God, this is your marriage and we vow to stay together and love each other as Christ loves us; the church, his bride.

Now in Ephesians 5:22-33 Paul talks about how husband and wife are supposed to treat each other. He tells wives to submit to their husbands because the husband is her head just as Christ is the head of the church. Now I know when most women hear the word submit they sometimes  get a little uneasy because they think “well I’m not bowing down to anybody” *rolls eyes snaps fingers twice*. Well ladies that type of attitude has to go especially when it comes to serving God. We bow down to God daily because He is the master of our lives and our faith. So what does it mean to submit?  It means be the best helpmate you can be to your husband. It means loving your husband as Christ loves you and embracing the love He gives you.  It means supporting your husband in every decision he makes for your family and if he makes some not so good decisions he doesn’t need your “I told you so” but rather he needs your help to make a better one.  It means helping him in any way you can and never leaving his side.

There are many things you’re husband is supposed to do. He should be leading you and making sure that you and you children are provided for and that you are sound in your prayer life and your bible reading. He is a servant leader meaning his role is not the  the boss or master of your household but rather he is Christ to you making sacrifices for you, building you up, being there for you, being a good example for you and your children to follow, all while continuing to grow in the faith with you. I know its hard sometimes ladies, trust me but God doesn’t promise us it will be be easy. Christ is the epicenter of your marriage and if your relationship with God is destorted then your marriage will be distorted also.

Make no mistake even though you should love your husband and respect and honor him, in no way should your husband be put on a pedestal and idolized. Your marriage is about Christ not you not your husband but rather the both of you together reflecting the love of God.  Your marriage is temporal and is meant to minister to those that surround you here on earth but 1 Corinthians 7:29-31says that we should remember that this world is passing away and we shouldn’t make our spouses and marriage to be something that will last beyond this earth because eventually we will be in heaven where we only have one relationship and that is our relationship to our saviour Jesus Christ.  So yes uphold a healthy Christ centered loving marriage but do not idolize it. And single ladies do not idolize marriage or covet it! God calls some to marriage and some to singleness so if God wills it yes you can be married but don’t chase a relationship with a man please just seek a relationship with God and make Jesus the number one love of your life and a Godly husband will be added unto you to compliment you and walk with you in the faith.

Marriage is not a fairytale its a gift from God that should be lead by the spirit with Christ in the center. Keep God first and remember that His love is not something you have to earn so don’t make your spouse feel like they have to earn your love just stay engulfed in the Father’s love and embrace it and allow that same love to over flow from both of you into your marriage.  Also remember we aren’t perfect and we will make mistakes so don’t make your spouse a hero because he can’t save you or always do what you want him to. But make Christ the hero because no matter what, He will never fail you. He will save your marriage from falling apart and keep you both in the bad times and the good times.

Ladies, how was it when you first got married?  Was it it harder than you expected?  For my single ladies, do you find yourself worrying too uch about getting married or are you comletely dismissing marriage all together and if so why?

Men out there what are some of the challenges you faced in your marriage and what do you think can be done to make your marriage better?

Comment and let me know your thoughts ladies (and fellas).

Grace and Peace to you all.


Modest Beauty Monday: Is the way you dress too sensual??

Hi! I’m Latisha(Tisha) and this is my new blog Modestly Be(you)tiful and its focused on biblical womanhood.  I read a lot about biblical manhood and that is important but the roll of a Christian women often times is overlooked and in no way am I saying that its not out there because I have heard pastors such as John Piper and Paul Washer talk about biblical womanhood and just about how we as Christian women should be living and walking in our daily Christian lives.  Many of my readers are familiar with my main blog, Deja Chosen Daily which is about Christian living also and I hope I can get some of my old readers especially female readers to start reading this blog. If you are interested in checking out my other blog visit

I hope to hold bible studies through this blog through comments on a certain topic I write about and I will have a couple blog series such as Table Talk Tuesdays where I’ll post a topic that I’ve been dwelling on or scripture I’ve been dwelling on and hopefully get some feedback from both men and women in Christ.  There will also be Modest Beauty Mondays where I will talk mostly about things pertaining to our attitudes, our appearance and our relationships. On Fridays (no idea what to call Friday posts) there may be interviews and testimonies from women I know and maybe from women I’ve met for the first time and hopefully their stories point you right back to the Cross as should all our testimonies.

So because today is Monday I guess I’ll do my first official Modest Beauty Monday Post.  So the topic at hand today is pertaining to appearance.  I’m sure many of you ladies have heard about the whole “Modest is Hottest” thing and I have to tell you even though I see the point I don’t like the little slogan.  Its corny!  But I do agree with it.  I know many of us struggle with picking out clothing that does not draw unwanted attention to ourselves and in fact it can be quite a task when you are at the store trying to find things that are your style without looking like a “grandma”.  Now I’ve heard that grandma term so many times before when I first came to Christ especially when would layer my tops or disagree with a friend about the bra she considered a top.  Truth be told ladies even if you don’t like the long  skirts, head coverings, and baggy layered tops there are ways to be modest in appearance and still be stylish and fashionable all while keeping in mind that you’re appearance is not what is important.  In 1 Peter 3:3 it says Do not let your adornment be merely outward– arranging the hair, wearing gold, or putting on fine apparel indicating that there is much more to you than what’s on the outside.  This is part of the reason why we shouldn’t dress to impress people because then you are focusing on pleasing people rather than pleasing God.  Also ladies be careful that you aren’t tempting your brothers in Christ.  Men are very visual and we know as women that we have quite a few things on our bodies to look at so that being said watch how low cut your top is how short your shorts and skirts are, and how tight your clothing is.  I’m not suggesting that you wear baggy clothing though I just think you should know the difference between what is appropriate and what is inappropriate.  Use discernment ladies! Please don’t tempt our brothers with sensual dressing!  Below are pictures of what I think is appropriate vs. inappropriate dress.

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3 vs. 4

 5 vs. 6 Image 1 of ASOS CURVE Denim Short In Acid Wash

As you can see I used pictures of women with various body shapes and the reason why is because a lot of times women tend to think that just because someone is skinny or maybe just because someone is thicker that they can get away with wearing certain things but that’s not true.  Showing a lot of skin I feel is usually a cry for a attention or a sign that maybe there aren’t too many examples of stylish yet modestly dressed women in a ladies in your life. Ladies remember that you are beautifully and wonderfully made and you belong to God. Please focus on your inner you not your outer and keep it classy and modest all while being meek and lowly in spirit.

So ladies let me know what you think.  Take the poll! Vote for which look you think is most modest. Do any of these ladies pictured above look modestly dressed to you and would you wear any of these looks? I want to know what you think so please comment below and lets talk.  Grace and Peace to you all.